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Contactless Mobile Application and Hotel Operations Management for Hotels

Technology is improving every day. Don’t let your hotel business miss this development with the Contactless Mobile Application and Hotel Operations Management for Hotels.

You can provide your guests with a perfect experience with the special Mobile Application we will create for your hotel.

In short, Hom Platform is a Mobile Application that contains all the products and services we offer for your hotel business. Your guests and staff can benefit from the services and facilities offered by your hotel by downloading this application from Google Play and App Store with their smartphones.

Your guests consist of services under the headings of Housekeeping, Concierge, Reception, Spa/Massage and many other departments. For example; Your guests can review your hotel’s room service menu, see prices and ingredients, and place food and beverage orders. This order is sent as a notification to the mobile phone or computer of the department manager or staff member you designate and is fulfilled.

Oteller için Temassız Mobil Uygulama ve Otel Operasyon Yönetimi

Hom Platform

With Hom Platform, we minimize the guest’s connections with hotel departments and enable them to benefit from all the facilities offered by your hotel in a contactless manner. Your guest can immediately start sending their requests by downloading the mobile application we created specifically for your hotel business to their smartphone.


Nowadays, we want to text more than talk. Increase your communication by offering this convenience to your guests.


Your mobile application is at the service of your guests in all languages needed.

Easy Order

Your guests using the application can easily submit all their requests from where they sit.

Hom Platform Mobile Application meets all the needs of your hotel customers with its rich features such as Taxi Calling, Reservation, Wifi Password, Late-Checkout, Malfunction Requests, Chat with the Reception and so on. In addition, your guests can make SPA reservations, order food for their rooms, request cleaning and maintenance, or manage their stay using many other features through their mobile applications.


Increase your out-of-room revenues. Send your VIP services as notifications to your guests’ phones.


Let your guests rate and comment on the services they receive. Track feedback, correct negativity immediately.

Know Your Guest

Keep track of your guest’s habits and likes. Use her personal information to please her more.

Oteller için Temassız Mobil Uygulama ve Otel Operasyon Yönetimi

Advantages of having a dedicated hotel mobile app

Provides convenience for your guests:

With your personalized mobile application, your guests can make reservations easily and quickly, just like booking a physical place. From rooms to restaurants, from SPA appointments to any morning or dinner reservation, your guests can reach you in seconds. Thus, you improve the ease of access to your services.

You can provide regular and important updates and information to your guests

Using a personalized mobile app, you can deliver real-time regular or instant updates to your guests. Updates about organizations, discounts and new services are instantly delivered to your guest audience via push notifications. As your guests see more value, you will get more positive feedback.

You Become Much More Reachable with a Single Click of a Key:

With your personalized mobile application, your guests can reach you at any time of the day! When they are undecided about whether to receive service from you, they can make comparisons and take a look at the services you offer. Let your guests reach your hotel and services with just a few clicks!

Increase in Guest Loyalty:

When your guests download your mobile app, it shows that they approve of your brand. Show your guests that you care and value them by responding quickly and offering offers they may be interested in. Let your guests become your most loyal supporters and brand ambassadors.

Long term gain:

If your guests interact with you through a personalized mobile application, this should be considered a long-term win. Guests are very happy with the unique offers, discounts, and personalized and friendly communication they receive regularly. This will be reflected in you as repeat sales, increase in recommendation rates and strengthened loyalty.

Stand Out from the Crowd/Personalized Experience:

With a custom hotel mobile app, you can gain valuable insight into your guests’ purchasing behavior. You can offer even more personalized and unique visitor experiences by using the data you obtain. This undoubtedly strengthens your relationship with your guests. This unique awareness and the privilege you offer enable you to stand out from your competitors.

To get more information about hotel mobile application development and ask questions, you can call us or leave your number to be called.

You can also contact us to use the Hom Platform mobile application in your hotel.

Oteller için Temassız Mobil Uygulama ve Otel Operasyon Yönetimi

With the mobile application and management panel we offer for your hotel business, your department staff can easily meet the demands of your guests. Hom Platform also simplifies the connection of team members with each other while ensuring your guests’ satisfaction by enabling you to meet their demands seamlessly.


Report any deficiencies you observe within the hotel, other than guest requests, to the relevant departments.


Prioritize your requests by type, such as “Normal, Urgent and Capex”.


Requests are sent as notifications to the smartphone of the relevant personnel. It is notified.

Simplify your communication with all department personnel in your hotel, reduce complexity, define, direct and perform tasks with the Hom Platform mobile application. Monitor, analyze and report the time it takes for staff to perform tasks.


Your staff has time to respond and fulfill requests. Track, review and audit data.


Identify department managers and staff.


Reduce your costs, avoid missing requests and speed up the operation process.

Hotels Operations Management Software

How you want to interact with your guests during their travel experience is entirely up to you. With Hom Platform, you can fully customize the features, departments you want to include in the application, and the information you want to highlight in the application.