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🚀 Dear Connections and Business Partners,

With great excitement and pride, we are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed a familiar face back into our midst, this time as a founding partner, who played a crucial role in designing our interfaces during the early years of our project and has once again crossed paths with us in 2024!

🌟 Yağız Sonkaya has officially joined our team to contribute with his experienced and successful background. In the early stages of our project, Yağız infused significant vision by designing our interfaces. Now, as a founding partner, we are ecstatic to take a step into a period where we have the opportunity to achieve even greater milestones together.

🤝 Throughout this journey together, we have full confidence in Yağız’s creativity, leadership qualities, and industry knowledge, ensuring his valuable contributions to our project. With him, we eagerly anticipate growing further and successfully advancing our project into the future.

🎉 We extend a warm welcome back to Yağız Sonkaya and look forward to achieving many more successes together!